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   26th - 27th March 2024 | Amsterdam

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  1. The 10th edition of Impact Summit Europe took place on the 26th and the 27th of March 2024 in Amsterdam. 200+ institutional investors, 80+ speaker experts, 32 pre-screened impact strategies and more industry specialists have made this Summit a valuable milestone in the development and acceleration of impact investing. A total of 400 participants have joined us from around the globe for the 2 days of meaningful discussions on how to increase allocations of institutional capital towards impact and sustainable investments. 600+ connections between investors and a select group of impact fund managers were facilitated by the Phenix Capital Group team, with the aim to showcase to investors a wide range of tangible investment opportunities. 
    We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all institutional investors, impact fund managers, partners and supporters, who joined us at the 2024 edition of the leading impact investing conference in Europe for institutional investors.
  3. Thank you for being a part of this amazing community, and we look forward to seeing you next year!


Impact Summit Europe 2024, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam


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Brunno Maradei, Global Head of Responsible Investment, Aegon Asset Management 

"Impact investing industry has reached momentum. In the past 10 years, impact has become mainstream to the point where institutional investors routinely speak of impact investing. The next real challenge is moving past merely measuring outputs and truly understand the impact being made on the ground. 

In the early days of impact investing, the focus of the industry was on social issues whereas nowadays environmental themes, specifically biodiversity, become more the center of attention. The challenges we see today with inequalities and detriment of democratic institutions in the West is really preoccupying and a source of geopolitical and social risk. These challenges must be addressed as impact investors. It is also the role of private capital to address large social and environmental issues. With the right market frameworks in place, and adequate regulatory frameworks, the public sector and private sector need to work hand in hand to create the impact we all want to see."


Roger Havenith, Deputy Chief Executive, European Investment Fund 

"There are certainly challenges in terms of information asymetry, fundraising, and common definitions, but these can be overcome if you work together.  

To drive greater allocation towards the SDGs, we need to speak their language and communicate better on what we have achieved so far and the ingredients for success.  

We join forces with both the private and public sector and we certainly need to continue in this way. It is great to see that the ecosystem has matured, seeing more and more specialized fund managers. The challenge is to get more private investors on board, the public investors are certainly committed. We want investors to be bold to join forces in partnerships."





Barbara Wokurka, Head of Impact Investing, FINVIA Family Office GmbH 

"In the start, investors were very enthusiastic and genuine about impact investing, but recently it has started to become again a conversation very much centered on risk and return.  

It is crucial that investors need to educate themselves on the topic and continue getting informed. My frustration is that mainstream investors in Germany, where I am from, simply do not know enough about impact investing and what impact investing can do.  

The challenge of asset owners to convince their organisation about the merits of impact investing, because a lot do not think that it cannot generate attractive returns at the same time as quantifiable and tangible impact."



Ndileka Mandela, Founder and CEO, Thembekile Mandela Foundation 
"On the more social side, the impact my activism has on day to day lives is particularly notable on topics such as gender-based violence. People are more and more vocal about it especially if it happens within families.  As for the environmental side, the devastating effect of climate change, especially in South Africa, is horrific. It creates displacement of people which leads to diseases and poverty. In the global south, many people have to choose between food and home insurance, meaning that after climate disasters, the individuals are left with nothing."
Rik Teeuwen, Head of Benelux, Principles for Responsible Investment 
"The learning capacities of the industry are impressive. Continuously learning and adapting to new circumstances but also reinventing yourself.  
Over the years, we see impact investments across all asset classes and more and more investors coming in, taking more action, and responsibility."





Catalina Secreteanu, Head of ESG Solutions, Morningstar Sustainalytics 

"A word to define the past decade in impact investing would be authenticity. A lot of themes that we saw 10 years ago will still be relevant in the next 10 years, such as access to education, healthcare, diversity and inclusion. New themes could be immigration and their inclusion. Diversity of asset classes certainly to deploy capital tackling long-standing issues like energy efficiency or climate."



Mike McCreless, Executive Director, Impact Frontiers 
"There has been so much progress in the past decade. A theme that is gaining increasing prominence is impact portfolio construction. We are moving from screening impact at the first stage of the impact investment process and then investing normally and measuring the end at the end, to now, managing impact and investor contribution throughout the entire process and lifecycle of the investment." 
Piet Klop, Head of Responsible Investment, PGGM 
"We went from doing the thing right, to doing the right things - from ESG scores, to absolute impact targets to be managed.  

The work that has been done for climate needs to be done for other challenging themes too, like biodiversity and public health. The old belief is that impact will cost you something, however, impact can be made at market-rate returns. ESG was formerly only a concern for the responsible investment department, today, it is done across the whole organization."






Pierre Abadie, Group Climate Director & Private Equity Managing Director, Tikehau Capital  
"We witnessed an incredible growth in the past decade in impact investing. The industry radically changed, coming from social impact to today's greater focus on the environment and its risks. I foresee more investment in nature-based solutions in the next decade.  
The next step is having conventional large scale investors, invest in impact. ESG is a framework or process that ticks boxes whereas impact is driven by mission statements. Finance institutions have a major role to play in shifting wealth to a more sustainable world. If we just look at climate action, we are already investing 1,8 trillion US dollar per year, which is twice more than the fossil fuel market, 5 years ago it was just half of it!"





25 - 26 March 2025, The Netherlands


  1. What would you wish to see more of in the next decade?


  2. from your industry peers!

Impact Summit Europe 2024, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam




When creating the key message and the theme for the 10th anniversary of Impact Summit Europe, we wanted to acknowledge the progression made in the industry towards mainstreaming impact investing in the last decade. Yet, for us, one message had to be clearly conveyed - THE JOB IS NOT YET DONE!
We invited our community to embark on “A NEW DECADE OF IMPACT AMBITION!” and encourage everyone to reflect on our purpose and what legacy we will leave behind.

Our opening act had to go deep into the hearts of the viewer, with a blend performing arts (a dancer to embody our message), technology and multi-media into one performance.

Our team collaborated intensively with our close partner, ISSIMO Story Agency,  to bring this creation into life.





We conducted a series of exclusive interviews with industry leaders to reflect on the last decade and what they see as key milestones in the impact investing space. They have reflected on their view of what is needed to accelerate the capital flow towards impact and shared personal aspirations.

This video features Peter Borgdorff (former Director, Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn (PFZW)), Fabienne Michaux (Director, SDG Impact, UNDP) and our CEO Dirk Meuleman.
In this video we hear from past speakers and impact leaders:

Amit Bouri, CEO & Co-founder, The Global Impact Investing Network
Joanne Kellermann, Chair, Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn (PFZW)
Ross Piper, Chief Executive Superannuation, Australian Ethical Investment
Claudia Kruse, Managing Director Global Responsible Investment & Governance, APG Asset Management





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